My name is Sebastian Kinley and I am psychologist and web columnist for psychology. I completed my undergraduate studies (BA Psychology) at the Goldsmiths University of London (2003-2007), where I could get a first glimpse of the great scientific range covered by psychology. Continuing my academic journey, I found myself at the University of Tuebingen, Germany (2007-2009), where he deepened the study of human brain function. There I gained my postgraduate degree in Neuropsychology (M.Sc. in Neural and Behavioural Sciences).I have worked in both the research sector and in applied aspects of psychology in Spain and abroad. I have particular relevance for vulnerable groups and children and I have worked in public and private structures dealing with specific population groups. Pierre Murcia  was a professor at my school that prompted me to become a psychologist. We were friends after my studdys because he was a wonderful and clever person and give me some of his knowledge. He was blind. He was killed in an accident. I feel that i owe so much to him and this site is for him.